Throughout the years Poland has been welcoming more and more visitors, immigrants and new residents within its borders. This fact is obviously creating demand for services provided in English. Psychotherapy is no exception here. English speakers often look for therapy in Poland, but unfortunately their access to it is limited.

Mężczyzna i kobieta siedzący na łóżku potrzebujący poradnictwa seksuologicznego

Psychological help in English

Finding psychologist and getting access to mental health services is difficult for immigrants and people who don’t speak Polish. Most psychologists in Poland provide their services in Polish language only.

It’s a truely challenging situation for people who struggle to fit in in the new country, to adapt to foreign culture and learn to live a fulfilling life in their new surroundings. Psychotherapy in English might be a great solution for English speakers living in Poland- wether they’re here for a short or a long period of time.

Services of English speaking psychologist can also be helpful for international and multicultural couples and families, students, people running their companies in Poland or coming to our country to find a job. In each of these situations, a well-trained psychologist can help their patients deal with everyday life stress, provide emotional support and teach them cultural codes and unwritten rules that exist in Poland.